Turning water bodies into renewable real estate

Welcome to Solar Island.

We facilitate floating solar developments to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.


We're partnering with leading manufacturers and developers, and leveraging our intellectual property in floating energy storage to bring floating solar to new markets.

Floating storage IP rights are granted to us by University of Innsbruck and by IP Australia for inflatable energy storage with floating solar generation patent and for a self-cleaning system for solar panels patent

Benefits of Floating Solar

Floating solar is up to 15% more efficient than ground or roof mounted solar power systems, particularly in hotter climates.

Floating solar can reduce evaporation on water bodies by more than 70%, saving more than 1000L per square metre per year installed.

No land


Installations can be done on otherwise bare reservoirs and ponds. This frees up nearby land for agriculture, housing, or industry.

Environmentally friendly

The floats are made of benign materials that have no negative impacts on the water environment, it provides shade for aquaculture and aeration of the water.



Reduce evaporation


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